Dec 21, 2007

12.21.7 : Stan Friedman on BoA : Audio, preview

THIS WEEK : Stanton Friedman on the 3rd Annual BoA : Audio Holiday Special

Ufology legend Stanton Friedman returns to the program for our third annual BoA : Audio Holiday Special. Stan will be talking about his new book "Captured : The Betty and Barney Hill Experience", Ufological history, and science v. UFO studies.

We give Stan the floor for the first half hour as he goes over, in tremendous detail, a variety of elements to the Betty and Barney Hill abduction case including the role of the case in getting people interested in the UFO phenomenon, the importance of Dr. Simon to the veracity of the case, and why the Star Map aspect is key to the whole story. There's also a great discussion on Ufological history, especially the immediate post-Condon period of UFO studies and why things seemed to go so wrong for Ufology from there. Stan talks about the incorrect assumption by skeptics regarding repeatability as tantamount to studying UFOs, esoteric elements to the Hill case, his interest in pilot shoot-downs of UFOs in the 1950's, his next book which he dubs his "magnus opus", and, of course, tons more.

It's our fourth interview with Stan, his third holiday special on BoA : Audio, and another classic interview to stand alongside his previous visits to the show.


NEXT WEEK : Nick Redfern, "Memoirs of a Monster Hunter"

Ultra popular former BoA : Audio, Season One guest Nick Redfern returns to the program to help us close out 2007 and talk about his latest book, "Memoirs of a Monster Hunter". We'll discuss the personal elements to "Memoirs", Nick's big picture thoughts on what is really at work behind paranormal phenomenon, some fascinating perspective from Nick on present day Ufology, the deification of Roswell and how it could inadvertantly be devastating for the field. We get Nick's thoughts on handling new story leads, his field work in Texas looking for ghost lights, his two trips to Puerto Rico and how they changed his thoughts on the Chupacabra. Plus, the synchronicity theme of "Memoirs", UK field research v. US field research, the "lost mysteries of esoterica", questions from BoA staff and listeners, and tons more.

It's an enlightening two hour conversation with one of the fastest rising superstars in esoterica, Nick Redfern.



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