Dec 13, 2007

12.14.7 : Nick Pope on BoA : Audio preview

NOTE :: Much like last weekend, this week's audio will almost certainly be delayed, due to a variety of circumstances. So ... expect the show to be posted on Sunday evening or so. 1000 apologies and thanks for your patience.

THIS WEEK : Nick Pope, Former Head of the British MOD UFO Project

One of the most frequently requested guests over the last two years finally comes to BoA : Audio, as the venerable Nick Pope joins the program. In this conversation, we'll discuss a myriad of topics, including but not limited to: his role in investigating UFO reports for the Ministry of Defence, what's become of his post in the last few years, the unique circumstances to his meteoric rise to fame in esoteric and mainstream circles, how extensive his interraction was with US/UK UFO groups and other international officials during tenure as MOD UFO investigator, the 1993 Cosford incident, the UK UFO files, what became of the "best cases" that Nick investigated, the media firestorm surrounding his comments from last November, his thoughts on 911, Ufology v. Science, and tons and tons more.

Having heard countless interviews with Nick over the years, we aimed to bring some new questions and new points of view to the table. The result was an enlighting discussion on Ufology, including exploration of some of our favorite topics like the sociology of the UFO field and the international nature of UFO studies, amongst other heady topics.

His website is


NEXT WEEK : The BoA : Audio Christmas Special

We usually don't announce the guest until the episode is taped and this episode is scheduled to be taped on Wednesday 12.19, to air over the weekend of 12.22/23, just in time for the holidays, so we'll hold off on revealing the guest's name.

But, long-time BoA : Audio listeners should be able to figure out who the guest will be, as '07 will be his third year on our holiday festivus.

Full preview to be rolled out next week.



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