Nov 23, 2007

11.23.7 : Keith Chester (Part 1) on BoA : Audio preview

THIS WEEK : Keith Chester (Part 1 of 2), "Strange Company : Military Encounters with UFOs in WWII"

The first half of a massive interview with Keith Chester about his excellent book "Strange Company", detailing the often overlooked but critically important Foo Fighter era in Ufology. In this installment, we cover the surprising variety of actual Foo Fighter objects that were reported to be seen, how the Allied Forces investigated the Foo Fighters, notable figures from that era, ten key Foo Fighter cases discussed in detail, and the explosion of the Foo Fighter story on American shores. And that's just Part One.

It's an intensely thorough edition of BoA : Audio, where you're almost guaranteed to walk away having learned something new. A must-hear episode for any serious student of Ufology.

NEXT WEEK : Keith Chester (Part 2 of 2), "Strange Company : Military Encounters with UFOs in WWII"

Our conversation with Keith Chester continues as we discuss why the Foo Fighter sightings probably weren't St. Elmo's Fire, Foo Fighters and radar, similarities and differences between Europe and the Pacific with regards to aerial phenomena, post-war information gleaned about the Foo Fighters, and the potential for German UFO technology.

We'll delve into big picture questions like Keith thoughts on the Foo Fighters as a whole, how the Foo Fighter phenomena fits into the theory that nuclear testing attracted the UFOs, what did the government really think the Foo Fighters were, and the trials and tribulations of finding witness testimony to the Foo Fighter era. Additionally, there's we talk about Keith's mentor Len Stringfield and his role in shaping Ufology. Plus, of course, tons more.



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