Nov 16, 2007

11.16.7 : BoA : Audio's Mass UFO Show / Monster Mash special ... preview

THIS WEEK :: Mass UFO Show / Mass Monster Mash special ... featuring Loren Coleman, Chris Balzano, Carl Feindt, Don Ledger, and Chris Styles

On site interviews from the Mass UFO Show / Monster Mash esoteric double-bill. Loren Coleman covers the Dover Demon, Bridgewater Triangle, and the VT shooting. Chris Balzano discusses his work exploring Massachusetts paranormal folklore and phantom clowns. Carl Feindt details his work looking at Unidentified Subermerged Objects, Don Ledger tells us about his research into Black Triangles and Shag Harbour, and Chris Styles gives us an update on what's he's been up to since last Spring's BoA : Audio appearance plus his thoughts on being so closely associated with one specific UFO case. Plus, Don Keating joins us, post-conference,to talk about the white Bigfoot and Ohio cryptozoology.

Six guests in total. Easily a dozen different topics covered. Over an hour and a half of esoteric audio, caught on-the-fly direct from the proceedings in Watertown, MA.

NEXT WEEK : Keith Chester (Part 1 of 2), "Strange Company : Military Encounters with UFOs in WWII"

The first half of a massive interview with Keith Chester about his excellent book "Strange Company", detailing the often overlooked but critically important Foo Fighter era in Ufology. In this installment, we cover the surprising variety of actual Foo Fighter objects that were reported to be seen, how the Allied Forces investigated the Foo Fighters, notable figures from that era, ten key Foo Fighter cases discussed in detail, and the explosion of the Foo Fighter story on American shores. And that's just Part One.

It's an intensely thorough edition of BoA : Audio, where you're almost guaranteed to walk away having learned something new. A must-hear episode for any serious student of Ufology.


2007 Zorgy Awards :: BoA : Audio has been nominated for Paul Kimball's prestigious Zorgy Awards in the category of Top Podcast. Please vote for our humble program, listed as "Binnall of America". You can vote here : 2007 Zorgy Voting Page. Thanks for your support.

Also, BoA's Lesley sees her blog "The Debris Field" nominated in two categories, so feel free to throw some love her way as well. She's up for "Best Paranormal Blog" and "Best Website [news summary]".

New BoA Merchandise :: I'm happy to report that the BoA Line is nearly complete. Our target date to roll out the new stuff on the Friday after Thanksgiving, known affectionately as "Black Friday". As teased @ the end of the last few weeks of BoA : Audio, we're moving away from straight BoA related stuff and into more general paranormal friendly items that, we think, help to convey a message that any hardcore esoteric enthusiast would want to display.

Stay tuned to BoA for the grand unveiling around the end of next week.

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