Aug 2, 2007

8.2.7 : The Kimball / Binnall Summit will happen.

Our respective handlers and flunkies have finished ironing out the details.

On August 10th, 2007, esoterica's clown prince, binnall, will journey to Canada to meet up with Canada's Ufological merry prankster, Paul Kimball.

It will be ...

An epic meeting of the esoteric minds.

A lengthy road trip of paranormal proportions.

A special BoA international investigation of a classic esoteric case.

A festivus that includes a pirate themed dance. (seriously)

All that and more is on the drawing board for the impending BoA / Kimball of Canada summit.

Here's Kimball with more information :

The world of esoteric and paranormal research and punditry will never be the same after next week's first ever "Kimbinnall Summit" between yours truly and Binnall of America kingpin Tim Binnall.

Tim arrives in the Great White North next Thursday. I'll be picking him up in Prince Edward Island, and bringing him back to Halifax for a weekend of hanging out at Oak Island, where we'll be attending - and I'll be filming - Explore Oak Island Days for a documentary project I'm developing. I think Tim will also be conducting some interviews for a future BoA episode. We'll be camping out near Oak Island with my crew, and drinking good old Canadian beer.

After the Oak Island festivities, I'll be taking Tim back to PEI and hanging out with him for a day or two in his summer retreat there, where we'll come up with all sorts of schemes... and drink more good Canadian beer.

The countdown has begun!

There you go, folks.

I'll be heading up to Canada for more BoA international esoterica @ Explore Oak Island Days.

Kimball and I will be engaged in a lengthy esoteric road trip (in Canada, no less), where we can only hope to either spot a UFO or hit Bigfoot with his car.

To top it all off, there's even something called a "Pirate's Brannigan", which is like a pirate themed dance. Arrrgh. I'll be on the look out for a rum soaked wench, no doubt.

No updates @ BoA from 8.9 to 8.13 (at least), but hopefully we can get it going again after that, provided Canada has the Internet (which I think it does).


Blogger Paul Kimball said...

Let the fun begin!


4:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, canada, at least this resident of canada, has access to the internet.

i have been listening to your interviews with persons of interest in the field of esoterica after discovering your radio show by accident.

keep up the good work and if you are in the totonto area i would love to chat.

cheers, A.

1:51 PM  

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