Aug 19, 2007

8.19.7 : Kimball / Binnall Summit post-script.

Kimball, Zorgrot, and binnall discuss esoterica, world affairs, and beer.

Ahoy hoy ! I have returned from Canada. Big thanks to Paul Kimball, and his great friends, for their tremendous hospitality and friendship during my journey to the Great White North. Paul put up with my antics for nearly 6 days, which may qualify him for sainthood, and his posse members Annie Briggs and Graham Simms proved to be first class people who were a joy to have as part of the experience.

I am happy to report that the Kimball / Binnall Summit was a tremendous success. Unlike the infamous Agra Summit, this meeting of the minds produced quite a few insightful conversations, raucous laughs, enlightening moments, and overall good times. It is far too early to tell the longterm effects this Summit will have on the world of esoterica, but insiders are predicting that it could, indeed, be looked back on as a watershed moment.

The details of my Oak Island exploration will be chronicled in an upcoming edition of C2C's After Dark magazine, due out sometime in the Fall. Until I get the draft of that done and determine the picture situation (with regards to Oak Island specific pics), I will hold off on that material. I expect to find out what can be released sometime this week.

You can get a good taste of the esoteric festivites @ Oak Island from this past weekend over @ Paul's blog, where he posted some clips of the interviews that he and Graham Simms conducted after the conference. Those clips can be found HERE

Paul also posted some fun clips, involving yours truly, @ his blog, which can be found HERE

Here are a handful of the more personal and off-kilter pics of the weekend ...

binnall mystifies Graham Simms as Paul Kimball studies his camera.

binnall and Annie Briggs mug for the camera.

binnall and his pirate friend.

Annie on an ancient merry-go-roud on Oak Island.

The campsite.

Kimball up to no good @ camp.

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Blogger Paul Kimball said...

And a grand time was most definitely had by all! :-)


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