Jul 29, 2007

7.29.7 : quasi binnall report

As I've been saying since this bizarre Summer began, the binnall report will be evolving quite a bit in the weeks and months to come. I've noticed that the addition of more lengthy "rants" at the beginning, instead of the "classic" style of just lumping them into 'The Week That Was', was taking a lot of time and pushing the deadline of the column further and further into the weekend.

It all came to a head this weekend when I was forced to cover the C2C Ouija Board "Special". Ugh. This thing was such a debacle of epic proportions that to truly distill the awfulness into text is a daunting task. Try as I might, I kept putting off writing the review, perhaps in hopes that the episode would age better over the weekend. It didn't.

So ... I'll get around to finishing up my blistering review of that sad night of C2C sometime on Monday evening (or so). The Great UFO Debate II preview will be posted sometime on Wednesday before the episode airs. The weekly C2C review and preview is going to be posted now, because it is getting painfully dated as it sits here, waiting for me to stop covering my eyes at the abortion that was the Ouija Board Special.

We're riding along on one spare tire this week folks, but we're still riding ...

The Week That Was

Aside from the Ouija debacle, the only other C2C show I bothered to listen to was the Sunday night show, featuring guest host Rollye James interviewing James Long about NDEs. I found Rollye to be a nice change of pace from the usual hosting fare we get from Coast. Apparently she's guest hosted before, because she mentioned it a few times during the show. She gets kudos from me for mentioning the C2C episode with Art Bell and the blind woman who had an NDE, which is one of my favorite episodes. The interview was good, as Rollye seemed to know the NDE subject pretty well. I'll endorse a follow up guest hosting appearance for her.

Of the episodes I didn't hear, I heard good things about last Saturday's Ian episode with Coleen Rowley, Michael German and Ray McGovern discussing the intelligence community. Also, Monday's interview with Konstantinos was said to be pretty good as well. It should be noted that this episode also featured a 1st hour pop-in from George Takei, leaving me to wonder which Star Trek cast members haven't been on C2C yet. (Shatner, I'd presume has not. Nimoy probably has.)

Other shows that filled out the week were Richard Moody Jr. on Tuesday to talk about earthquakes (no buzz on this one) and Sean David Morton (ugh) on Thursday to make "predictions" and pat himself on the back (with help from Noory).

Linda Moulton Howe and Open Lines were Friday and, on Saturday, Ian had Todd Standing on to discuss Bigfoot, in what was probably a pretty good episode.

The Week That Is

One other really good episode on tap for next week is Sunday night's show, which will be George Knapp interviewing John Lear. I expect this to be one of the better episodes of month, especially since with Knapp at the helm, it's unlikely that C2C can find a way to screw this up. Last year, Knapp hosted two of the best episodes of the year, so I suspect more of the same when he interviews John Lear tonight.

Monday sees Noory interviewing Dr. Charles Grob and Dr. Marilyn Schiltz about hallucinogenic substances. Could be good or boring as hell. Tuesday's guest is Lynn Marzulli discussing UFOs and the Bible. I'm sure Joe Vee is looking forward to that one. Wednesday is the Great UFO Debate II (sure to be excellent), Thursday is TBA (I'm predicting Ed Dames), and Friday is Open Lines.

Sunday and Wednesday are the keepers for the week, hands down.

Coming on Monday ...

C2C's Ouija Board Bait and Switch ... what little was good about it and all the stuff that was bad.


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