May 9, 2007

5.9.7 : Lost Thoughts for Episode 3.20 (Ben Flashback)

Excellent episode.

I was a tad disappointed in the Jacob reveal, but I presume it is the beginning of something bigger.

I'll also presume that Locke doesn't die in that pit, but it sure looked grim @ the end.

Ben was awesome. The Ben flashback was fascinating. It left the door open for more Ben flashbacks, if he survives the season (I am beginning to think he won't last much longer, though). That said, it didn't offer up too much about what the Dharma Initiative was doing and the events leading up to the purge. Also, I liked how they even gave Ben both a daddy issue and a sympathetic side.

Why does Richard Alpert (the original native dude) follow Ben ? You'd think he'd have seniority.

Jack is a douche, plain and simple. His antics continue to threaten the Losties.

Kate is still a bitter wench. "He [Jack] has a right to know", she yelps. Ugh. Sayid kicked ass with his simple and dismissive, "Play her the tape."

I'm glad that they didn't pull the "Ben had Locke deliver the tape recorder" trick. Now, for the first time ever, it seems like the Losties have the upper hand.

Locke beating the shit out of Mikhail had to be one of the best moments of the season. Locke also had some great lines, like when Ben says that no one goes to see Jacob and Locke deadpanned, "there's a first time for everything."

Finally, I loved the behind the scenes @ the Others camp, especially with Mikhail. Glad they explained (kind of) how he died and came back to life.

Again, excellent episode. Next week will, thankfully, finally put an end to the Charlie storyline, one way or the other, which is good and the finale looks to be spectacular. I'm switching sides and predicting a Losties victory, let's just hope they don't kill Gay Tom.



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