May 7, 2007

5.7.7 : Coming this Thursday to BoA ...
Kimball of Canada : Audio

This coming Thursday (5.10.7), Ufological pundit and documentary filmmaker Paul Kimball invades for a special esoteric radio event, "Kimball of Canada : Audio, Behind the Best Evidence", a discussion of Paul's "Best Evidence : Top Ten UFO Sightings", which will be premiere that night on Canada's Space : The Imagination Station.

In this stand-alone audio program, Kimball and I sit down for an in-depth, two hour conversation covering the "Best Evidence" special, both what's on the screen and what went on behind the scenes. For the first time ever, Paul will reveal the exact order of the Top Ten cases. He'll explain how the special came about, the long road to making the documentary, the means by which the best cases were determined, how rigid the ranking system is, and what constitutes a "best case".

We'll talk about some of the more unique and obscure cases that were in the Top Ten, some noteworthy cases that didn't make the list, and the runaway winner for Best Case. Kimball will reveal which case narrowly made it into the top ten and why there is a proverbial asterisk next to its ranking. We'll examine some of the trends of the Top Ten cases, including geographical, chronological, and type of UFO case. Beyond that, we'll try and determine what those trends mean in a "big picture" sense.

Paul will tell us how he dealt with the use of stock footage and skeptics in the film. He will also reveal some key thematic elements that he added to the documentary that make it stand out from the usual UFO fare on television. He shares details on his trip to Rendelsham Forest and gives some first hand perspective on the infamous Ufological landmark.

Plus, of course, tons and tons more. It's a fast and loose two hours of hardcore UFO discussion, designed to coincide with the premiere of "Best Evidence : Top Ten UFO Cases" on 5.10.2007.

So stop by BoA on 5.10.7, as Binnall of America becomes "Kimball of Canada" and we roll out a massive extra special bonus audio for the week.


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Thanks for having me on - it was a lot of fun, as always! :-)


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