May 2, 2007

5.2.7 : Lost Thoughts for Episode 3.19 (Sawyer kills Locke's Dad)

Yes, Lost Thoughts returns. This time, though, I'm writing it right after the episode, instead of waiting too long and forgetting to do it. Hopefully, I can do some kind of whiz bang recap of the whole season, right before the finale.

But for now, we'll just pick it up with the episode from tonight (5.2.7), #319, where Locke finds Sawyer, brings him to the Black Rock, and Sawyer confronts Locke's dad and kills him.

Meh. This episode was a tad disappointing. Too vague and roundabout for my liking. Again, it set the stage for next week, which appears to be providing more answers and conflict, but this is one too many "stage setter" episodes in a row, me thinks.

Stuff I Liked :

Interesting that they raised the issue of "are they dead / in Hell", though I thought that was debunked back in Season One. Probably a red herring, but weird nonetheless.

I also liked how Locke spilled the beans on Juliet to Sawyer. He's shown, so far, that he is still on the side of the Losties (which is more than we can say about Jack, that fucker).

That said, I'm not sure what to make of Locke saying he's "on his own journey" except that he truly is a weird ass hippie.

Locke's dad being a total douche, especially when he tore up Sawyer's letter. For a while during the episode, I was convinced that he was the true leader of the Others. He may still be, considering the Island's "healing powers", but I doubt it now and will presume that he is dead.

I enjoyed Locke and Rousseau's brief encounter. Funny because they were so casual about it.

Sayid being the most reliable Lostie. Especially when he gave Hurley kudos for not telling Jack about Naomi and when Desmond smiled at him like he was the savior of the gang.

Naomi (the parachutist) is bad news. Sayid is on to her and he is never wrong about this sort of thing. She also told Mikail last week that she was "not alone". Plus, Sayid is right, we never did see her helicopter crash.

If the rumours of many deaths in the Season Finale is true. I worry for Sayid, still.

Kate's attitude has been repugnant all season. If they kill off Charlie (her real life boyfriend), I'm all in favor of Kate dying in the season finale too. Let them go off and make a romantic comedy.

Jack is a terrible, terrible leader. He's done this, "let's not tell them yet" shit last season w. Michael and it worked out terribly. Interesting that Juliet deferred to him, though. That may indicate that they are working on the side of the Losties, but who knows, with all these double and triple agents on the show.

So ... what does Jack know that he won't tell the Losties ?

Is Locke destined to be the new leader of the Others ?

Who will win the Losties v. Others showdown ?

Are we finally going to find out the origins of the Others next week ? (I think this is "yes")

I feel like there's less questions right now and more just an elaborate mousetrap game and the ball is about to be cast.


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