Apr 4, 2007

4.4.7 : Joe Vee returns from exile island.

an artists rendering of Joe Vee
Still no "Lost Thoughts" this week. Mostly because I was rather unimpressed w. the Nikki / Paolo flashback episode and after having my mind warped by Locke's dad, it was all kind of a let down. I'm glad to see them getting back to the Others storyline this week. I'll try and do "Lost Thoughts" next week, scout's honor.

Since there were be no BoA : Audio this weekend, I am happy to report that BoA's Joe Vee will make an ultra-rare appearance on the page, on Saturday (4.7) with a new piece that fleshes out his obsession with Lynn Marzulli. It's an enlightening and hilarious column.

Vee also tells me that he's writing about Coast to Coast and Ufology and all his criticisms of both of them, which should also be pretty enjoyable. In typical Vee fashion, however, he keeps adding to each column and can't seem to stop writing them. Hopefully he will soon, though.

My computer is still broken, but we are scheduling BoA : Audio guests with reckless abandon and the taping of the final pod of episodes is going fairly well. I'm hopeful to have some funky music montages for y'all sometime the week of 4.16 as we build to the return of the series.

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