Apr 24, 2007

4.24.7 : UFO Gatherings

Odd '07 co-incidence (?)

March : 10th anniversary of Phoenix Lights
July : 60th anniversary of Roswell
October : 40th anniversary of Shag Harbour

I don't think there's much to the co-incidence that the above cited events all happened in a year ending in seven, but it is kind of weird.

After some checking, it turns the Tunguska Incident happened in 1908, so we can't add it to the weird anniversary trend, sadly.

Off to Roswell

I know a lot of people going to Roswell this year. Seems like not a week goes by where I don't find out someone else is going to Roswell. I considered going to NM for the big anniversary, but, to be honest, it just sounds like such a circus, I'm not sure I'd want to be there. You know I'd have to throttle the first clown shoe I saw wearing an alien mask or funky antennae. So, unless something radical happens, I shant be attending the big party in Roswell.

I do know of one BoA writer that said she is going and another one that is thinking about it, so maybe we can do some kind of on-site audio of the big weekend. We'll see, though, as the BoA staff is strangely shy about appearing on the audio program, so I'll have to twist some arms to get it done.


Speaking of big events, I saw the lineup for the UFO CRC V and it looks pretty damn good. Provided I am not totally destitute by then, I expect to be attending the festivities in Vegas come November. Sadly, I do not think the vixen I met from Canada at last year's event will be there this year.

Noteworthy for the UFO CRC V are Peter Robbins, who wasn't there this past year (much to my chagrin) and Terry Hansen (who was in attendance @ UFO CRC IV, but not speaking). I'll be interested in seeing their presentations and, perhaps more so, hanging out with Peter Robbins, if the chance comes up. Peter was, hands down, the coolest person I met @ the 1st X-Conference, back in '04, and one of the earliest supporters of BoA. I owe him a beer, at least. Terry, as well, was an early BoA : Audio guest and one of my favorite speakers @ the X-Conference, where I first discovered his outstanding book "Missing Times".

Mass Monster Mash

Also, I am hearing good things about this Mass Monster Mash weekend here in Massachusetts, coming in October. I missed last year's events because of family commitments, but I expect to be attending this year's festivities. I know of a few of the speakers and I'm always interested in seeing what the Massachusetts esoteric scene is like.

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Off to Roswell? Hmmm... now THAT
sounds interesting!

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