Apr 11, 2007

4.11.7 : Lost Thoughts (Ep. 3.15)

Sort of a half hearted "Lost Thoughts" this week, as I couldn't really get it together until this afternoon. I'll be back in the swing of things after this week's episode, which should be pretty revelatory and give me lots of reason to talk out of my ass and speculate.

That said, here's some stuff that I noticed or heard other people noticing ...

a> the bandage on Locke's hand @ the beginning of the episode. That's new. Likely from him punching his dad or something, but I suppose it could also be from being hooked up to an IV (ala Karl during the brainwashing). I figure we'll find out what happened to his hand in a future episode.

b> everyone keeps saying the Losties should move to Othersville now that the Others have left. That's not a bad idea, considering the amenities there and the security fence. But I'm afraid that's too obvious for the Losties, who almost never seem to do what makes sense.

c> I'm guessing that the Others either went to see Jacob or went to see whatever constitutes "the box". Ben said it was "somewhere on this Island", which sounded like it was outside of Othersville. I do not think they went back to Alcatraz, since they just left there due to Kate and Sawyer escaping. Also, there's a good chance that wherever they are going, that's where the kids are, because I didn't see any in Othersville.

d> Unless tonite's episode changes my mind, I still think Juliet is evil. She lied to Kate about the handcuffs and Smokey. Plus, she first said they shouldn't go back for Jack (at the beginning) then said they should go back for him (at the end). I don't think she's a spy, necessarily, but I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out that way. Speaking of which, I found it strange that Jack woke up like hours after Kate did, presumably from the same gas attack. That makes me suspicious of Jack as well.

e> the Sawyer sub-plot where he is the new de facto leader doesn't make sense, since Jack is on his way back. So I'm guessing this will lead to some kind of schism within the Losties over leadership.

f> the flashes when Smokey examines Juliet. I think those will go a long way to explaining what Smokey is, once we find out more information. Sounded like it was taking pictures.

g> "Your baby is less wrinkly than last week" Great stuff.



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