Mar 29, 2007

3.29.7 : BoA : Audio Baseball Special coming this Saturday

I'm happy to report that this Saturday, BoA : Audio will go where no esoteric radio program dares to dwell : the baseball diamond.

Yes, it's a daring experiment attempting to marry esoterica with baseball, drawing from previous BoA : Audio episodes and featuring the return of three former guests for all new short cut interviews. It's the BoA : Audio, Baseball Special.

It will be a veritable All Star Show as we cull from our archives classic BoA : Audio clips of Stanton Friedman discussing steroids in basesball and how it reflects his displeasure with some aspects of Ufology. We'll also go back in time to our interview with cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, who told us about his work with Major League Baseball dealing with suicide clusters amongst retired big league ball players.

But it's not a clip show, dammit, as we've got ultra fresh, new interviews with returning BoA : Audio favorites.

Adam Gorightly stops by to tell us about Doc Ellis's LSD infused no hitter from the 1970's. He discusses being a Giants fan in the Barry Bonds era and tries to goade Greg Bishop into a Giants v. Dodgers battle by discussing the infamous MK-Ultra / Dodgers story that made the rounds in esoterica a while back. We also find out what Adam's been up to since his BoA : Audio appearance.

Paul Kimball is up next and we'll talk about his March of 2005 blog post where he proclaimed that Ufology would someday have it's "2004 Red Sox moment" (i.e. the big payoff to years of suffering). He explains his rationalization from then and also whether or not he's changed his mind since. He also talks about the "come down" from the Red Sox championship and ties it into the potential fall-out within Ufology should that breakthrough ever come about. Kimball then goes on to talk about why he loves the older generation of the Red Sox, he hilariously gripes about modern day changes to the game like interleague play, and in general bemoans the state of baseball, nearly making binnall cry. We also find out what Kimball's been up to since he appeared early in the season on BoA : Audio and lay the groundwork for a future special episode to co-incide with his big cable special in May.

And, finally, one of the BoA : Audio pioneers, Greg Bishop, makes his long awaited return to the show. We start out by recounting how he ended up on BoA : Audio in the first place, back when we first started doing interviews. He then discusses why he thinks Ufology will never have that breakthrough "Red Sox Championship" moment, taking the counterpoint to Kimball's original thesis. We also talk about the X-Files episode revolving around Roswell and baseball, which segues into a discussion on why there are so few, if any, prominent black researchers in Ufology. From there we discuss the LA Dodgers and how they are his de facto home town team. He also gives his take on Gorightly's MK-Ultra angle from earlier in the show. Wrapping it up, he updates us on what he's been up to since he appeared on BoA : Audio so long ago.

The three returning guests bring a fun chemistry to the show, as it was more like a reunion than an interview. We started out with the idea of tying baseball into esoterica and that experiment wrought us this episode, which may turn out to be one of the more lighthearted but enlightening episodes of the BoA : Audio season. Play ball !

There's plenty of esoteric talk for the non-baseball fans and just enough baseball discussion to merit the swank title of "Baseball Special".


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